Bounty Program



Everyone love gifts! announces a new promotion-big bonus for small actions!


The next step to get the bonus will be the realization of one of the following items (to choose):

For validating entries and submissions for our bounty campaign, we will need to verify that all steps have been followed as we required in each one of our Google Forms and helps with adding value to

Become a trust worthy member - Do at least (6).

Carrying out an advertising company on Twitter

Retweet news from our official page will bring you $0.5, but for this your Twitter account must be created at least a month ago, the number of your friends must exceed 150 people.

Access to your page should be open and the retweet should stay on your page for at least 3 days.

Carrying out an advertising company on YouTube

Earn $ 3 to $ 50 by making videos about our company, making videos like deposits and withdrawals.
Please adhere to the following terms or you will not receive a bonus.

  • channel creation-atleast 30 days ago;
  • Number of subscribers from 100 people;
  • The minimum video viewing should be 300+
  • Channel and video have open access
  • video review is available for viewing for at least 7 days.

Carrying out an advertising company on Facebook

To get a bonus of $0.5 you need to make a repost from our official page.

  • Your account must have been created more than 1 month ago;
  • Your friend list is more than 150 people;
  • your profile is open for viewing and repost at least 3 days.

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